5th November 2020

9 Top reasons to invest in Bespoke Software

9 Top reasons to invest in Bespoke Software

Bespoke software is a custom-built, tailor made program which is developed exactly to a client's specification. It is fully customisable and can easily integrate with other systems to create an automated operating system.

In contrast to many off-the-shelf applications, bespoke software is virtually limitless, as its sole purpose is to meet a business's ever-growing needs.

To get a better understanding of why companies invest in bespoke software, here are some of the benefits:

1. Control

When investing in tailored software, you are the one who chooses what the product will include and how it will look. Being involved in the design and planning stages means you have full power throughout the project.

Your new software will feel familiar to your staff straightaway, as everything you need will be easily accessible to you, laid out in the way that you want it.


2. Simplicity

Some off-the-shelf applications can include multiple features you don’t require. Which in turn overpopulates and overcomplicates the software. Stripping back the functions means your staff can have more focus on their tasks and improve their productivity. There won’t be unnecessary functions for them to learn, and you can work with the developers to get the software right from the beginning.


3. Complete Ownership

Owning your own software means you are in charge. You decide how and where it is implemented and how many of your staff use it without paying extra licence fees. You decide whether to upgrade or customise the software, and you won’t have unexpected costs.


4. Reduce Cost

Bespoke software may seem like a larger investment than the upfront cost an off-the-shelf application. Once you take into account licence fees, subscription costs, maintenance and updates, an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t seem as inexpensive. That’s when you start to see the gains of going bespoke.


5. Maintenance

Maintenance is a major advantage of bespoke software. With an off-the-shelf package, your company could be one of thousands using the software, with just one development team who can fix the bug, making it harder to get it repair!

The bespoke software development company will observe and repair bugs.

PSP provides customer support before, during and after your project. Including extensive testing and training support. Giving you additional protection.


6. Security

Bespoke software can prevent you becoming one of the millions of businesses who fall victim to cyber-crime. Commonly used, off-the-shelf programs are more susceptible to hackers, as encoding one system allows hackers to gain access to many companies.

It’s much harder to breach a custom-built system and hackers would get less data in return.


7. Improve Your Business Management

Bespoke solutions give you the information and data you require, improving your ability to manage workflow and staff.

Systems such as VISION CRM bring together quality management, project management and financial management under one roof. This allows you to easily set department targets, measure performance, and generate management reports and charts in real-time.


8. Scalability and Flexibility

The purpose of a custom-built program is that it can grow with the business and its goals. Off-the-shelf systems are typically too small to fit your business size, or on a large scale that’s too expensive for your organisation. With bespoke software, the application can be developed at the same rate as your business.

Whether you want it to accommodate more staff at a later date, or allow for extra functions to be added, you have full control over this. You will not need to pay extra fees or worry about the system slowing down as a result.


9. Distinctive

Bespoke software is just that. Truly bespoke and something which none of your competitors would have. By designing a tailor-made solution that best suits your business and industry needs, you’ve gained a major edge over your competitors.

Customised software is a great way to distinguish yourself as forward-thinking and distinctive among your competitors. You will have access to unique industry-leading technology which none of your competitors will.


To Finish

Not only does bespoke software benefit your staff, your customers will appreciate the advancements in technology too.

Automated workflows that are made in line with your business process speed up your staff’s workflow, leading to an improved customer experience.

It proves more cost-effective as you don’t have maintenance costs or updated to contend with. Not to mention how you are in full control of the look, feel and performance of the system.


PSP - Strong Strength in Depth

PSP IT has over a decade of experience providing bespoke, fit-for-purpose solutions. We work closely with clients, understanding their People, Systems and Processes to design and develop a solution that meets their business goals.

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