6th August 2020

A Business With No Disaster Recovery "A Major Risk"

A Business With No Disaster Recovery "A Major Risk"

43% of businesses never totally recover from a disaster*

Most UK businesses are putting themselves at risk by not having a disaster recovery plan, a strategy that aims to protect an organisation after a significant incident and helps them quickly find their feet.

Disasters strike at any time and "could cause significant loss of revenue, irreparable damage to long-term customer relationships and might even lead to shuttering your business." That’s from an article taken from Biz Journalist which talks about the importance of having a disaster recovery.

DRs Need To Be Tested

Among businesses that do have a Disaster recovery (DR) plan created, more than half (54%) don’t regularly test it*. Testing ensures that the plan is not out of date and has been efficiently developed alongside the growth of the business.


An effective DR plan is something that every business, large and small, should have. This has been proved with recent global events, where businesses around the world enforced homeworking across its office staff.

Certain businesses were able to turn to their existing DR plan to continue working at full capacity, however most businesses were unprepared, reacting to problems as they occurred and losing staff productivity.

Those with an existing DR plan would have had an edge over the competitors, as others faced stress and increased cost while foraging for equipment and services.

PSP Supporting Businesses

For the past 10 years, PSP-IT has worked with one of the major Chartered Institutes in the country to design and develop their IT strategy, including their Disaster recovery plan. Our approach allowed their 200 staff to work remotely through the crisis, operating as they would if they were in the office.

PSP-IT has more than a decade of experience specialising in disaster recovery, cybersecurity and Business Analysis to help clients get the most out of their IT functions and keep them safe from the latest advancements in cybercrime.

To find out more, visit: https://www.psp-businessservices.co.uk/develop-strategy/disaster-recovery-strategy/


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