7th January 2021

Are there dangers to replacing your legacy system?

Are there dangers to replacing your legacy system?

Which of these situations apply to you or your business?

  1. You’ve got a legacy system
  2. Your devices were purchased before the early 2010's
  3. Your CRM is slow, unorganised and inefficient
  4. All of the above


If any of these apply to your business, the chances are your staff are frustrated because your technology is disrupting them in the day-to-day role.

You may be a CEO trying to justify updating your business’s technology, or you’re head of IT and trying to convince key stakeholders to make the change.

Scrapping and replacing a legacy could have its own downfalls, and modernising your current system could be more cost-effective and suitable for your business.

  • Current system easy to use: Your staff will probably be familiar and confident with your current system, despite it slowing them down and making their working life harder. Installing a new system means your workforce will need training and time to understand the new operating system.
  • Costs: Despite legacy systems costing organisations in hidden fees and maintenance costs, some stakeholders couldn't justify the initial cost to implement a new system. The cost of a new, efficient system is proven to outweigh the initial cost, however some organisations couldn't afford the upfront cost; especially during a pandemic.
  • Lack of skills and resources to set up new system: Setting up a new centralised system to replace your legacy takes serious skill, understanding and thorough testing. Problems can arise during any IT project, and it's vital to have the team on hand (whether in-house or outsourced) to ensure things go smoothly.
  • Inconvenience: The cost of downtime and the reduced staff time as a result of training can cause disruption and inconvenience to a business.
  • Integration with other IT systems: A system that is embedded into the back-end of a company can have serious complexities and dependencies that need to be fully understood. If these are not considered, you could lose key functionality within the new system

Despite these, a legacy replacement can prove invaluable to a business. Working with an experienced provider, such as PSP-IT will ensure your new system will be fit for your business's purpose.


New isn't always better

PSP understands that new systems don’t always perform better or have any added business benefit over existing legacy software. We understand that challenges with ROI mean a new system is not always a realistic option. And we are adept at providing an extra resource when staff move on unexpectedly or you need an additional pair of hands.

Sometimes new isn’t better. there are times when a legacy system fits the brief than a new or ‘off the shelf’ product. Some of these reasons include:

  • When the existing system is still fit for purpose but cannot be supported internally due to staff changes
  • When there are challenges t the ROI on existing systems
  • In order to bypass vendor lock-in or punitive contracts
  • Retraining support personnel is too expensive for the foreseeable future
  • When the existing system is still fit for purpose

In these situations, you need a team that you can trust to deliver systems support accurately, intuitively and cost-effectively.


PSP's experience


PSP-IT is a trustworthy partner for your legacy systems support requirements. We have the experience and integrity to support you with your complex legacy system.

We are accomplished at taking over and modernising old legacy systems, making each components talk to each other.

To find out more about how we can help you get more from your current system, contact us.

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