Backup Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Databases Automatically

We have a client who has SQL Express 2014 and wanted to automate backups. Please find the steps to create automated backups using SQL Express 2014.

Step 1: Open SQL Server 2014 Express

Step 2: Expand Server Objects

Step 3: Right Click on Backup Device and select New Backup Device.

Step 4: The Backup Device Popup window will appear

                a./ Enter Device name

                b./ Enter the destinations of the backup files

                c./ Select Ok.

Step 5: Right click on the Backup Device you have just created and select Backup Up a Database.

Step 6: Select the database you wish to backup up from under source

Step 7: Select the script option.

Step 8: Select Ok.

Step 9: Save the Script to a file location of your choice.

Step 10: Create a batch file with the following information text:


Step 11: Setup a Schedule Task to run the batch file on a nightly basis.

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