7th March 2023

Bespoke CRM Vs Off The Shelf: Which One Should I Go For?

Bespoke CRM Vs Off The Shelf: Which One Should I Go For?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a valuable tool for managing customer interactions and relationships. When considering implementing a CRM system, businesses have two options: buy one off the shelf or create a bespoke solution that is centred and tailored around their exact requirements.

Choosing the right one for your business can be difficult, so here are four key differences between the two:


Bespoke CRM


1. Customization

A bespoke CRM system is built from scratch and tailored to the specific requirements of a business. This means that the system can be customized to meet the unique needs of the organization.


2. Scalability

A bespoke CRM system can be scaled to meet the changing needs of a business. This is particularly useful for businesses that are growing or evolving.


3. Integration

A bespoke CRM system can be integrated with other systems used by the business, such as accounting software, marketing automation tools, or inventory management systems.


4. Cost

The cost of developing a bespoke CRM system can be higher than purchasing an off-the-shelf solution. However, it can offer cost savings over time, as the system can be tailored to the business's specific needs, reducing the need for additional software or tools.


Off-the-shelf CRM


1. Ready-made solution

An off-the-shelf CRM system is a ready-made solution that can be purchased and implemented quickly. This means that the business can start using the system almost immediately.


2. Lower cost

The cost of purchasing an off-the-shelf CRM system is often lower than developing a bespoke solution. This is particularly useful for small businesses that may have limited budgets.


3. Limited customization

While off-the-shelf CRM systems offer some degree of customization, they are designed to meet the needs of a broad range of businesses. This means that they may not offer the level of customization required by some businesses.


4. Limited scalability

Off-the-shelf CRM systems may not be as easily scalable as bespoke solutions, particularly if the business's needs change significantly.


Need Help in Choosing?


In summary, choosing between an off the shelf or a bespoke CRM will depend entirely on the company’s unique set of criteria and needs. A bespoke offering provides more customisation, scalability and integration capabilities, but can be more expensive than an off the shelf product.

As well as building custom CRMs, we have helped clients identify and select off the shelf CRMs that were best suited to their needs. If you need help with understanding your CRM options, phone PSP for a 1-2-1 chat about what CRM solutions is best for your business.

Call 01775 722 377 or email letstalk@psp-it.co.uk.

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