17th December 2020

Covid-19: Wake up call for Education Sector to replace legacy system

Covid-19: Wake up call for Education Sector to replace legacy system

The pandemic has taught us many lessons, but one in particular brought the nation’s attention to the continued use of Excel spreadsheets in data recording.

In particular, the education sector learnt many lessons about secure data storage, efficient ways to manage finance and maintaining staff efficiency.

When it comes to business, the teams who are most likely to be affected by outdated systems tend to have a lot of manual processes and very little collaboration between teams.

The need to revisit business process planning on a continuous basis has shed a light on the dangerous resilience on legacy systems. With 81% of CEOs agreeing technological progress will fundamentally change their organisation in years to come, why are outdated systems still being used? It’s time for organisations to address the lack of agility with their technology, and the disadvantage this gives them with their competitors.

The disruption to institutions caused by technology was evident even before the pandemic. Digital disruption is only going to accelerate, and technological processes will significantly change organisations from many sectors; in particular, education.


Digital transformation: Build an adaptive Institution

The saying that in every crisis lies an opportunity has never been truer. Digital transformation is a phase of experimentation and growth, and many institutes have joined the trend over the last few years.

Technology in education is not just about the front line such as online learning. Software such as venue Cost Management and eMark (both built and developed by PSP) all contribute to awarding bodies saving money and expanding their candidate experience from their technological expansions.

Having an effective IT system in place can sweat your assets and bring the best out of your organisation; Student expectations can be met and the ability to adapt to challenges will help guarantee your institution’s long-term security.

There are many challenges and fears education provides face with updating their tech. However, with a structured, coherent and well-managed plan, these obstacles can easily be overcome.

PSP-IT is adept at understanding a business to create fit for purpose IT solutions that meet their exact needs. Our work with education providers includes:

  • Online eMarking
  • Venue Management Cost Control
  • Website with global Ecommerce, events, membership and exam booking
  • Business Analysis support
  • Online Competency Assessments
  • Legacy takeover, maintenance and support

Speak to our team of professionals to find out more. Call 01775 722377 or email sales@psp-it.co.uk

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