Customer Satisfaction:

“a measure of how happy customers feel when they do business with a company”

(Source: Cambridge Dictionary)

Customer Service:

“the fact of treating customers in a polite and helpful way, which is considered an important part of running a good business”

(Source: Cambridge Dictionary)


No matter how you come into contact with your clients or customers, good customer service skills benefit everybody.

One of the key skills when dealing with prospects or customers is to listen.

Listening and engaging with what your customer needs are rather than pre-empting what they want will build trust with them and give them confidence that you will provide them with the solution that is best suited to their needs and not to sell them a solution of your choice.

  • Be honest

 Never lie or agree to something that isn’t possible. It is not always necessary to jump at the chance to provide your customer with a delivery date.  If you know of things that could mean a delivery date change then keep your customer updated of timelines throughout the project.  It is always better to deliver early or on time rather than late.

By keeping in touch with your customer they will be aware of any unforeseen circumstances that may appear.  Your customer will remember the service they get and will also remember if it was delivered on time.  We all rely on customers as they are the core of our business.  After all word of mouth referral is the best advertising you can get, so it is of high importance that you keep your customer satisfied at every stage of the project and beyond.

  • Welcome

Always make your customer feel welcome. Be polite, courteous and helpful at all times.

Within our organisation we make sure our customers and visitors are greeted at the door, offered drinks and are engaged in conversation to help them feel at ease. Building relationships is a key component to ongoing business activity so there is no need to go straight into sales mode. Be relaxed and natural, make your customer feel important – their business is valuable to you so never take a situation for granted and remember that customers often become friends!

  • Smile

Smiling is contagious – smile and be genuine – your customer is most likely to smile back.

Even smiling on the phone will make a difference.  Have you ever experienced a grumpy voice on the end of the phone – how did it make you feel?

A smile over the phone is welcoming as it is reflected in your voice - so why not share your smile?

At PSP we have dedicated account managers within our Customer Service Team.  They act as the main point of contact to our customers and are dedicated to providing the best customer service to each business and organisation.  This ensures our customers are always well looked after and will always achieve the same standard of service.


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