11th September 2018

Developing a Website using Umbraco CMS

Developing a Website using Umbraco CMS

Recently we decided to launch a new website to promote our comprehensive customer base and the wide range of IT development services that we now offer. After 10 years in business the range of our services have grown and it was no longer enough to rely on a few words on each specialism – we needed to illustrate our work fully and the old website was no longer doing the job for us. As well as the range of services we now offer, our customer list is expanding and changing so we have an evolving portfolio which needed to be reflected in the new website.

The old adage of the plumber who never gets to fix his own leaky tap could have come into play here! After all we have a very busy project list covering a wide range of specialisms and our customers take priority for resources. We decided that the best way to approach the project was to use the skills of several different teams within the organisation and build the website around a Content Management System that each team member could use despite their differing levels of technical expertise and available time.

Building a Website using Umbraco

Building a client website follows a predetermined PSP-IT project plan. Our designer typically starts by undertaking research on the brand and organisation looking at style, brand, layout, colour schemes etc. before a ‘set-up’ meeting with the client to look at their requirements. Once the designer has all this information, they will ‘piece it all together’ and start the design process. At this point the designer will decide on the most appropriate Content Management System to use depending on the functionality needed within the website. This process was no different with our own website.
PSP-IT’s own website is built using Umbraco CMS (Umbraco is an open source content management system built on the Microsoft .Net framework and covered by open-source licensing).
Our designer undertook the initial design work and then set up the website navigation and content areas within Umbraco setting permissions for the sales and marketing team to go in and add content and match the content to images, customer logos and screenshots. The marketing team then took over the project adding content and images to a predetermined design. The designer oversaw the content population commenting on the impact of the content on the look and feel of the website.
After the website was populated, control then turned back to the development team to optimise the site for SEO and check the design for responsive aspects such as usability on mobile devices and tablets.
Finally, our Customer Services Team completed testing on the site looking for any errors in design, content and responsiveness. The team walked through a number of customer journeys to check the site navigation worked in the way we wanted. The team again used Umbraco to ‘tidy up’ aspects of the site.

In Summary

In summary we recommend Umbraco CMS to a wide range of our clients. Not only is it easy to use by a variety of different employees with different levels of technical knowledge, but it is also built on industry standard .Net technology making it intuitive in a variety of situations.

When you commission a website design project from PSP-IT and we use Umbraco as the Content Management System, we always offer User Acceptance Training for up to 4 people for 1-2 days training. This ‘train the trainer’ work is built into the cost of the website project and for us is essential to the future success of your PSP designed website.


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