8th May 2015

DevExpress XAF – Add a List View Group Footer

DevExpress XAF – Add a List View Group Footer


DevExpress by default gives you the functionality within the Model to group list views together based on a selected field and show a count of records within the Group Header as seen in the screenshot below.

A user can then expand each group to see each individual record. To give the user a better understanding and overview of the records we wish to add a group footer to each group and display a total of the Time In Days spent against each group.


Within the Module.Win project create a new blank View Controller and customise the code below as required within it to get the results you require.

/// <summary>
/// Called when [view controls created].
/// </summary>
protected override void OnViewControlsCreated()

base.OnViewControlsCreated(); if (View.Id == "MyListView")

GridControl grid = (GridControl)View.Control; GridView view = (GridView)grid.FocusedView; view.Columns.View.OptionsSelection.MultiSelect = true; view.OptionsSelection.MultiSelectMode = GridMultiSelectMode.CellSelect; view.OptionsView.GroupFooterShowMode = GroupFooterShowMode.VisibleAlways; GridColumn timeValueColumn = view.Columns["TimeInDays"]; GridGroupSummaryItem timeValueSummaryItem = new GridGroupSummaryItem(); timeValueSummaryItem.FieldName = "TimeInDays"; timeValueSummaryItem.SummaryType = SummaryItemType.Sum; timeValueSummaryItem.DisplayFormat = "Personnel Total (Days) =


"; timeValueSummaryItem.Tag = 1; timeValueSummaryItem.ShowInGroupColumnFooter = timeValueColumn; view.GroupSummary.Add(timeValueSummaryItem);

Implementing the above code creates a group footer against each group and displays a count of the Time In Days of each record within the group.

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