15th July 2020

Digital Transformation: Don't get left behind

Digital Transformation: Don't get left behind

According to a recent survey, 85% of decision makers believe they have two years to integrate digital processes into their organisation before falling behind their competitors. Therefore, businesses are making digital transformation a top priority.

Digital transformation is the outcome of IT-enabled change that is aligned with business objectives and driven by a well-planned strategy. This can lead to improved customer service and a more productive workforce.

Almost every business has experienced over the last few months how quickly drastic changes can happen in the workplace, and that having a strong IT infrastructure to quickly adapt to ever-changing times is a necessity.

The companies who are able to use technology well to keep going and re-think their business model for the future by advancing digital transformation will be the ones ahead of their competition for years to come.

From home working to remote learning, from online meetings to virtual events, technology has played a vital role for the economy and the education sector during the pandemic. Now is the time to analyse - or in some cases, begin - your digital transformation to ensure you stay ahead of the opposition.

Digital transformation across your organisation can be complex and doesn’t always succeed. To eliminate any problems, there is a need for dedicated personnel to deliver technical requirements to the IT team, in line with the business requirements. That’s where a Business Analyst comes in.

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Business Analysts understand a business to identify tangible improvements that can be made. It is the role of the Business Analyst to ensure the solutions are made in line with business goals and bridge the gap between the ownership level and IT teams, acting as information conduits to ensure everyone within the organisation is working in unison.


At PSP-IT, our Business Analysis team is experienced in understanding a customer’s organisation and the challenges faced, getting to know them on a personal and professional level. They can identify the who, what, where and why factors that are essential when helping a customer with implementing value-add improvements.

For more information about what our experienced business analysis team can do for you, visit our website or contact our team today for more information. Phone 01775 722377, or email letstalk@psp-it.co.uk.

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