24th September 2020

Educators Risk 'Harmful Disruption' to Their Organisations

Educators Risk 'Harmful Disruption' to Their Organisations

A recent study by PWC showed that education providers risk serious harm to their institution from cyber threats, expensive running costs, downtime and more.

The CEO survey reported that 81% of respondents agreed technological progress will fundamentally change their organisation in years to come.

Universities, education providers and institutes are no exception. The study claims the pace of digital disruption to the education sector is only going to accelerate due to decision makers’ reluctance to update their tech.

Technology in education is not just about the front line such as online learning. Software such as Venue Cost Management, e-marking and many others all contribute to education providers saving money and expanding their candidate experience from their technological expansions. All of these have been custom-built built by PSP-IT for major global education providers.


Greatest Challenges Facing Higher Education

Like almost every industry, the education sector faces uphill challenges because of rapidly evolving IT demands. Awarding bodies need to respond to stay ahead of the field and to overcome these obstacles in order to maintain a high level of service and keep costs down.


Threat to Traditional Methods

The model of higher education that’s existed for over 500 years is being challenged by new approaches to teaching and learning, not to mention enhanced access to online courses. The success of higher education providers is centred around their adaptiveness to technology to deliver the best possible student experience.


Evolving Student Expectations

Students are customers who bring their own expectations to any course, institute or university etc. They are digitally savvier and better connected than ever before, with pre-existing ideas of how course providers will engage with them, and what they expect in return for their investments.

Our business analysts worked with an education provider to drastically improve their candidate experience. Read the story below.

PSP Helps Improve Customer Service While Reducing Workload for Major Client


Demands for Personalised and Flexible Learning

As a digitally savvy generation, students expect to be taught and to learn using methods that suit their preferences and at a pace that works for them. Approaches to learning and course content must become increasingly personalised and tailored to individual needs. This includes online learning, video courses and online booking systems for exams, events and membership.

PSP are experienced at designing and developing special applications for the education sector, such as online marking, Venue Cost Management Control, and online competency assessments.


A Greater Focus on Graduate Prospects

Students increasingly consider a higher education course to be a means of securing future employment and not just an opportunity to learn and develop. The role digital technology will play in supporting employability and the student experience is more critical than it has ever been.



Guarantee Your Institution's Long-Term Security

To conclude, the pace of digital disruption is only going to accelerate, and technological processes will significantly change organisations from many sectors including education.

Having an effective IT system in place can sweat your assets and bring the best out of your organisation. Student expectations can be met and the ability to adapt to challenges will help guarantee your institution’s long-term security.

There are many challenges and fears education providers face with updating their tech. However, with a structured, coherent and well-managed plan, these obstacles can easily be overcome.

PSP-IT is adept at understanding a business to create fit for purpose IT solutions that meet their exact needs. Our work with education providers includes:

  • Online e-marking
  • Venue Management Cost Control
  • Website with global Ecommerce, events, membership and exam booking
  • Business Analysis support
  • Online Competency Assessment
  • Legacy takeover, maintenance and support

Speak to our team of professionals to find out more. Call 01775 722377, or email: sales@psp-it.co.uk

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