18th November 2020

First Contact Resolution Rate: Get it Right First Time

First Contact Resolution Rate: Get it Right First Time

How many emails does it take your company to change a lightbulb?

The answer should be one. Or as few as possible.

But do you actually know how many responses your customer service team sends before fixing the problem?

First contact resolution (FCR) is a company’s ability to solve a customer’s query during their first response to the customer’s initial contact.

Businesses failing to deliver on FCR often equates to poor customer service. Which costs UK businesses £37 billion each year.


Why FCR matters

Companies with high first contact resolution rates typically have high customer satisfaction. In fact, research led by Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Group revealed that every 1 percent increase in FCR led to a 1 percent increase in customer satisfaction.

In contrast, every 1 percent increase in FCR results in a 1 percent decrease in customer costs and a 1 to 5 percent increase in employee satisfaction.
(source - https://www.sqmgroup.com/application/files/6614/9918/4047/fcr-book-excerpt2.pdf)


Get it right first time

Apart from manually scrolling through an employee’s mailbox, there is no cost-effective and easy way to analyse this.
Until now.

Outlook Email Tracker lets you measure all emails sent to, within and from your organisation. Ensuring your staff get it right first time and are not sending multiple emails for one resolution.

It also tracks response times so you can see how long your customers are waiting for a reply.
With this data, you can:

• See areas for improvement in customer service team
• Set and track KPIs and SLAs
• Examine performance of third-party suppliers
• Make improvements to business processes to improve customer service
• Identify areas in business that needs to be adjusted


Hold third-parties to account

Do you outsource your customer service support?

When a third-party supplier is handling your customer service remotely, it’s vital that you analyse their performance.

If you pay per email sent, you can measure how many emails are sent for each query and ensure they’re responding in time.


Track, Report and Repair

Outlook Email Tracker monitors all emails sent to, from and within an organisation.

Without being able to access any email content, the clever plug-in measures how many emails were responded to and their response times.

Companies pay employees £6,600 per year to look at their emails

Want to track individual performance in a shared mailbox? You can! Outlook Email Tracker counts how many emails are sent and received. It will tell you who responded and how long it took them. This means you can ensure workload is being shared and targets are met.

Companies around the globe are benefitting from Outlook Tracker. Click here to book a free demo.

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