12th June 2016

Google Search Console – Episode 1

Google Search Console – Episode 1

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service from Google. Search Console allows you to add your website to their online website tracking service. Doing this allows Google to crawl your website and track the traffic your website hits, such as crawl statistics, search analytics and allows you to view your pages sitemaps. Allowing Google to track your websites search performance is a very good advantage for your website, this is because, for example, Search Console allows you to see which queries causes your website to appear in the search results the most.

Google recently had a major rebrand; after ten years of being known as ‘Google Webmasters Tools’, is now known as ‘Google Search Console’. Google believes this new branding will attract new users to Search Console that may have otherwise not used the service due to not identifying it as a Webmaster.

Why Use Search Console?

You don’t have to sign up for Google Search console for your website to be added to Google Search results. If a different website that is Google Verified contains a link to your website, it will be crawled through that website and appear in the Google Search database. Adding your website to the Google Search Console allows Google to show you what website are linking to your website, it also monitors your websites performance.

With the Search Console monitoring your websites performance, you will be able to:

  • Physically see how many clicks your website gets over a period of time using Google Search Analytics
  • View your sitemap and where it appears in search results
  • View information about your structured data
  • Highlight data using Google’s online Data Highlighter tool which allows you to highlight elements on your website such as the logo, opening hours, contact information, site links
  • View your crawl status, this shows you how many crawls your website gets per day, this also shows you how much data has been downloaded per day
  • How long your page takes to load in milliseconds

I will be releasing more blog posts about Google Search Console for more in-depth information and tutorials on how Search Console works and how to use it to benefit your website.

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