27th August 2020

Here's How to Improve Sales on Your eCommerce Site!

Here's How to Improve Sales on Your eCommerce Site!

Designing a successful eCommerce website is as much about how the site feels as it is about how it looks. A website which is easy to navigate and gives the user a pleasant experience will improve your conversion rates and boost your brand’s reputation.

For new customers who are not familiar with your brand, your website could be the only factor they use to determine the reliability of your company. If they find typos, problems with the design, bugs, or even if the site seems a little bit suspicious, they will head straight to the X icon and close the page.

Here’s four essential things you must do to improve sales on your eCommerce site:


Easy to Navigate

Have you ever backed out of an online sale because you struggled to find your way around the site, or you had to go through loads of pages before you got to the checkout?

Imagine going into a large department store which has four floors but no signs to tell you what sections were on each floor, or where the tills are.

A site which is hard to navigate is not only frustrating for the user but can also deter them from making a purchase. In fact, 40% of users said they’d visit a competitor’s site after experiencing problems with a website.

Menu bars and intuitive filters for results will help visitors find what they want quicker. Here’s an example of how we incorporated filters into a client’s website to improve the layout and usability.

Navigation Bar on arrowfilms.co.uk

The filter bar expands to allow the user to filter through multiple criteria such as director, release date, country and genres. We specially-designed the box to fit in with the site’s branding and layout.


Responsive on Mobile

An unorganised or messy website could give the viewer the impression that you’re an unorganised company with little attention to detail. With mobile sales surpassing desktop sales, it is crucial that your site responds well on a mobile device.

This is the mobile view of the website we designed and built for Gear4motorcycles. The most popular ranges are easily accessible in a grid-style layout, making it visually-appealing and easy to navigate for the user.

Responsive mobile web design in Lincolnshire


Clearly Display Contact Details

Customers have faith in a company when they know they provide good customer service. Let your site visitors know they can talk to someone if they ever need to. A live chat in the bottom corner of the screen encourages a fast response time which will improve customer service.

Want to monitor your email response times? Use Outlook Email Tracker to monitor all emails from within your organisation and save ££££s on wasted time!

Include a dedicated page with your company address and an email addresses. You could even include a “contact us” form and a Google Maps graphic – like this website we designed:

Contact Us page on Gear4Motorcycles. Responsive web design on desktop, mobile and tablet


Company Info Clearly Displayed

A clear returns policy helps eliminate any confusion and gives the customer confidence their transaction is safe.

A Shipping Information Page is where you let your customers know about important shipping details. If you offer free shipping, this is a great place to shout about it.

These pages – including the About Us and FAQs pages – give the customer extra assurances that they are ordering from the right place. The website below has FAQs sorted into sections to make it even easier for the user.

Company info page on Arrow Films. PSP-IT, Spalding Linsolnshire


PSP-IT is experienced at building eCommerce websites that builds on a brand to truly reflect your business goals. Our team of professionals understand the sales funnel process from start to finish, guiding your website visitors on a focused journey from the landing page to the checkout basket.

What we offer:

  • Bespoke websites that truly fit your brand and company mission statement
  • More than a web design: Administration portals and automatic integration helps with processing sales and products
  • Strong experience of successfully working with large companies in the manufacturing industry
  • SEO-friendly to help you rank high on search engines above your competitors
  • CMS which is easy to use and allows you to update content
  • CRM to easily manage stock, products, and orders to boost efficiency
  • Mobile app to make purchasing quicker and easier

To speak with our team of professionals, call 01775 722377 or email sales@psp-it.co.uk.

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