6th July 2023

Here's what you should you know about Software Development at PSP in 2023

Here's what you should you know about Software Development at PSP in 2023

Are you looking for your next Software Development partner and don’t know where to start?

We at PSP will give you a guide on what it means in 2023...

Our software developers have a range of accreditations in a range of frameworks and coding languages, such as:

  • C#
  • Node
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript

And the list goes on!

With our wide breadth of experience across our development team, we can then “offer multiple solutions depending on what fits our client’s needs.”

 Our developers follow the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) which includes 7 phases for thorough development:

  • Planning and analysis
  • Defining Requirements
  • Designing
  • Building and developing
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

The SDLC allows us to create the best quality software that’s cost-effective, meeting client expectations both during and after production.


The Planning Stage

We take care in planning for our clients - Mark, our senior developer, says, “It can take anything from an hour to three weeks of formulating the right design for whatever they require.”

We often plan our software development on our own powerful CRM system called VISION, however this is on a case-by-case basis, and we will adapt our planning process dependent on your needs.



The Development Stage

All our development is done internally. This allows us to ensure our high standards are constantly met, and so the client has a transparent view of how the development is progressing through the medium of our constant communication with them.

Mark, who was worked for PSP for 10+ years, says “you must constantly talk to each other, whether it is QAs (Quality Assurance) or BAs (Business Analysts). It’s a critical part of it.”

Time is precious for your business, we know that, so collaboration at PSP allows us to provide you with a bespoke software development service, which:

  • Reduces the workload.
  • Cuts operational costs.
  • Allows you to focus on running your business efficiently, instead of losing time filling out spreadsheets that are vulnerable to human error.

Brandon, one of our developers, says that being a developer is like being “a bricklayer, where you all need to coordinate in order to build a house successfully”.

PSP believes our bespoke software development is the catalyst for improving productivity by automating workflows. It gives you:

  • The flexibility to access your business applications.
  • The ability to work from anywhere with web-based software.
  • The capability to automate your core tasks to save time.
  • Data from multiple systems within your business, all in one place


How does this benefit the client?

Our robust deployment process has allowed us to deliver 100+ projects to our clients without bugs or issues once deployed. Not only will we tailor a solution to your business, but we will keep your software up to date to extend software compatibility and most importantly save you money.


What are we focusing on now?

Brandon, a software developer with a BSc (Hons) in applied computer science, alongside developers Tom and James, is currently focusing on producing a bespoke e-commerce platform for Pilgrims, a food supplier based in Boston.

Mark is currently working for a client upgrading their system as it is going “end of life.” This involves upgrading the technology and moving all the services from the old product to the new product.

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