5th January 2024

Life In The Old Dog Yet: Living With a Legacy In 2024

With technology moving fast and exciting new tech features emerging onto the market over the last couple of years (ChatGPT being one of the giants), businesses who haven’t reviewed or updated their legacy systems have faced many warnings about how future-proof their business is.

One major problem with an old IT system is the unreliability of its performance. The systems themselves can be slow and cumbersome, meaning simple administration tasks take as much as double the time. Not only that, but it is notoriously difficult (and sometimes impossible) to integrate the software with new technologies.

The poor performance and lack of agility come from the fact it’s written with old cold. That lends itself to security vulnerabilities. The code written all those years ago was made to defend against the threats of that era. Flash forward to 2024, cyber attacks are much more sophisticated, and attackers know they can exploit weaknesses within older systems.

Businesses often come to us when their legacy developer moves on, but they cannot find a developer with the right skills. There is a shortage of legacy developers for many reasons, making it extremely difficult for businesses to replace the developers responsible for managing their legacy systems.


There's Life In The Old Dog Yet


Despite the acceleration of automation, cloud computing and AI, legacy systems are still hanging in there and delivering a vital service for their businesses. One report found that legacy technologies hindered 88% of organisations.

Why do companies still use them? The most common answer is that they don’t need to replace them. If their system still performs the actions the business wants it to, you might not see an urgent need for change.

Businesses can also be held back by budget constraints, a lack of resources or a fear that a change would disrupt their services.

There are options for businesses that don’t want to or cannot move away from the legacy system and onto a new one. Luckily, PSP can guide you through that decision-making process.


Support, Enhancement, Or Replacement: We Can Help


If your business still relies on a legacy system, there’s no need to worry about its safety or performance in 2024. Like many other businesses, you can put your legacy system in our trusted hands. We will provide you with technical support, take care of security updates and keep it running smoothly for your business.

As well as supporting legacy systems, we can modernise them, improving their performance and bringing them into the modern world. We tailor our service to what you’re looking for. Some of our previous work includes integrating third-party apps, giving systems a new look and feel, and moving legacy systems to the cloud.

If you feel you’re ready to replace your existing system completely, PSP offers a unique service where we will manage your existing system while developing your new application. Not only does that mean your legacy is in reliable hands, but it also gives our developers strong insight into your business and system requirements.

To learn more, visit our legacy system support page or speak to our award-winning customer service team.

Phone: 01775 722377 or email: mailto:letstalk@psp-it.co.uk

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