31st March 2015

Look After Your Customer

Look After Your Customer

If you don’t look after your customers, someone else will! Customer Care never ends, it is paramount to give outstanding service to your customers. 

When does customer care start?

Customer care begins from the very first bit of communication with the customer, whether it is via email, telephone call or face-to-face. This first bit of communication will set the tone for the relationship between you and the customer, make it good, better than good….. make it outstanding! 

What does a customer notice about you or your business?

First impressions count, when someone creates an opinion on you or your business, more often than not this opinion is based on their first contact with you. They notice your manner first and foremost, also knowledge and professionalism comes into play very quickly. Customers want to see that you are polite, helpful and know what you’re talking about!

So……What is customer care?

Customer care should be the prime consideration in every business, so how do we at PSP IT define customer care? 

  • Understanding your customers
  • Giving good value for money
  • Being friendly, professional and knowledgeable
  • Being reliable and meeting deadlines 
  • Giving brilliant aftercare 

We, as a team believe that maximising our customers satisfaction is key, we take pride in our work and make sure we hold good communication with all of our customers, big or small. Of course, some roles are more directly involved with the customer, for example, customer services have lots of contact with our clients and they have the job of knowing the customer and their needs as well as ensuring all of our customers are happy, however this being said, development have a responsibility in keeping the customers happy too as they have to ensure their work is delivered to the deadline at a high standard for the customer service team to hand over to the customer.

If Development over-ran and the product/application was delivered late – this would have a massive impact on how the customer feels about PSP IT. PSP are very keen to meet all deadlines and have happy customers by being there to help always and having a friendly professional manner. PSP also have a helpdesk system which allows customers to log any problems they may incur at any time with the ability to detail how urgent the fix/enhancement may be. PSP’s aftercare is making sure the customer is still able to contact us for help and also getting that first class treatment they received throughout the development of their product.

Overall, you will often find that if the customer is not happy with the service provided they will go elsewhere until they find a supplier that is reliable and meets their business needs. Customers don’t always complain – they just leave. Don’t allow your customers to be unsatisfied with your customer service, be the best!  You will also find that if you have a really good relationship with your customers, and for any reason they become dissatisfied with something, they are much more likely to talk to you to resolve the issue without ruining your relationship, allowing you the chance to keep your customer rectifying the issue with outstanding service!

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