Managing your Brand

Managing your Brand

There are many marketing vehicles which are now available for increasing your brand awareness. It is important that they match how much you value your brand and also how you implement your message.

Some of the vehicles available are:

  • Public relations and publicity
  • Online - website, blog,
  • Social media e.g. Twitter and Facebook,
  • Broadcast media (e.g. radio)
  • Print media (newspapers, magazines, speciality publications, e-books)
  • Print displays and direct mail (brochures, flyers, signage)
  • Professional assistance (consultants, designers, and agencies)

Other ways of increasing awareness are:

  • Involvement with local Chambers of Commerce
  • Charitable events
  • Networking – business & social  
  • Sponsorship (where possible)
  • Webinars
  • Joint ventures


One thing that is key in maintaining awareness is consistency of message using a vehicle that works for your business. 

Bear in mind that any negative messages or comments you make will often be remembered above highly valuable content that you have provided your audience with.

Be aware, be pro-active, be consistent – value your brand!



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