17th October 2023

Membership CRM: Exciting Features To Take You Up a Notch

Having the ability to automate workload and to paint a picture of how your members engage with your organisation are both big benefits of a membership CRM. It is the backbone of your professional body, allowing you to communicate with your members on a large and engaging scale.

Many off-the-shelf membership CRM systems come ready-made with a variety of features and functions that are necessary to run your membership organisation.

These features typically include:

  • Generalised view of your members and their user journeys
  • Member segmentation based on different demographics
  • Process automation tools and opportunities
  • Document storage for relevant resources, such as invoices, templates and more
  • Visual dashboards based on the metrics you want to measure

However, it’s the added functionality and the customisations which take your member experiences and organisational efficiency up a notch.

Customised membership CRMs are not only great for administrators, but also for marketers, finance professionals, events managers and many other teams.

Here are some advanced features and capabilities that PSP has developed for some of our clients’ membership CRMs, and how they added value.


1. Automatic Branded Reports

As standard, CRMs come with generic reports that give you actionable insights into your member engagement rates, business operations and marketing performance. Typically, these are limited to the reports built into the system, meaning you must go through IT if you want to report on anything that’s not part of the system. Advanced reporting features allow you to extract customised reports on-demand that are in line with your organisation’s branding and standardisation.

PSP has developed customised reports which give more detailed insights into member journeys and allow clients to analyse patterns and trends on a more focused scale.


2. Actionable Insight and Data

The data and insights you achieve from your customised reports will help you formulate a 360-degree view of both your members and your wider organisation.

Specialist CRM consultants have experience in taking membership CRM systems, looking ‘under the hood’ and reviewing the data they possess. They take the data that’s hidden beneath the surface, remove the information which doesn’t add value, extract the relevant data, and present the information through real-time reports to decision-makers.


3. Financial Management

As mentioned earlier, membership CRMs have a host of essential membership features as standard. However, you can add features, or even integrate third-party systems, so one system can be used across the entirety of the business. An example of this is Financial Management.

Connecting your existing finance system to your CRM will eradicate the need for multiple data entries, as invoices you generate can be auto-filled with data already inputted into your CRM or submitted via your website contact form.

You can analyse finances and organisational spending by creating finance reports across any function of the organisation. Again, these can be set to your membership body’s branding and standardisation for consistency across the organisation.


4. Events Management

Another business function which can be carried out through an advanced CRM is your events management. Events management tools within your CRM give your events team a clear, structured and agile platform to plan and manage events and training courses. A wide range of event types can be managed – workshops, webinars, exams, conferences – and by linking it to your membership CRM, your events team can save considerable administration time, send invoices in an instant and produce personalised communications to attendees.


5. Integration with Website and Member Portal

Whichever way you decide to extend your membership CRM, one of the biggest capabilities to take advantage of is website integration.

PSP has integrated membership CRMs with websites and member portals to create seamless workflows between online users and back-office systems. When filling out an online form, your members’ data can be instantly stored in your CRM system, or your internal list of training courses can be automatically added to your members’ online portal. This lowers the workload for your staff as they don’t need to manually upload the training courses to your website and allows your members to select training courses with ease.

Integrating your website with your membership CRM accelerates your membership experiences and improves your business performance by significantly reducing your administration time. Automating workloads not only saves staff time but also transforms the way in which your members view your organisation.


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Are you looking to extract more value from your CRM to improve your organisation’s performance and track your membership engagement more effectively? For the past 15 years, PSP has worked with membership bodies and chartered institutions to provide them with a digital foundation for growing their organisation. In particular, our CRM expertise has enabled us to develop cutting-edge and fully integrated membership management systems that improve how they engage with their members and allow them to manage their business efficiently.

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