7th July 2023

Project Management at PSP: Everything you need to know

Project Management at PSP: Everything you need to know

A Project Manager is the person in charge of the planning and execution of a particular project. We believe a Project Manager should be more personal to you so that the required outcome can be achieved. Read more to find out how we can tailor a solution for you.



What do we do?



A Project Manager at PSP (People, Systems & Process) is someone who will:



  • Oversee all aspects of your project from planning to consulting.
  • Co-ordinate with multiple departments including BAs and QAs to ensure your project is on target
  • Ensure a successful delivery that meets your needs and your budget




Paul, Project Manager at PSP, is responsible for having a holistic view of the strategy to provide our clients with the service that matches their needs.


Here at PSP, Project Management is so much more than providing you with an adequate service- it is about integrating PSP into your business, as PM Paul says, “we are a part of their business and their team,” in relation to working with clients to meet their views and ensure maximum recompense.



How do we do it?


At PSP, we use RAID (Risks Actions Issues Decisions) logs to ensure programs run smoothly from the start to the finish of their entire life cycle. They are used:


  • When a project starts: so can identify the common issues and put in place mitigations to reduce those issues.
  • Daily: our Project Manager, Paul, reviews them so that they are handled initially so the problems do not escalate.
  • Weekly: Discuss them with clients, so they are always kept in the loop on their program.


Transparency is our ethos here at PSP, so cost management is always at the forefront. We believe that honesty is critical to delivering a successful project, as there is no point in “making the project look sweeter than it is.”





How does this benefit the client?

By mapping out what our clients need with precise planning, we can achieve their goals swiftly and accurately.


With our weekly updates, our clients are not only up to date with their project but are put at ease with our sheer commitment to delivering a quality service. We believe “we need to be honest, transparent and realistic in order to deliver what we say.”


We consider our relationship with our clients to be more than transactional- it is a partnership where we provide you with a service which enables you “to get you from A to B in the most effective manner.”



Does that sound like something your business needs?

Contact our experts today and let’s talk about how we can deliver a solution for you. Call 01775 722 377 or email letstalk@psp-it.co.uk





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