17th December 2020

Remote working: Has your customer service team performed in 2021?

Remote working: Has your customer service team performed in 2021?

Government figures revealed 38% of workers were working remotely in the UK during June 2020. Despite this figure declining toward the end of the year, remote working is set to continue next year with the UK under the current tier system and with businesses re-thinking their staff and office strategies.

2020 may have been the first time that many employees had to work from home, which brought its own set of challenges for employers and staff.

One of the biggest barriers employers face is monitoring their staff’s performance and productivity.

One of these include emails within customer service departments. A bad customer service has serious consequences for a business’s reputation and ability to attract repeat custom.


Measure and improve customer service performance

Managers and CEOs have faced continuous problems with being unable to monitor all email activity within their workplace and analyse individual activity in a shared mailbox.

Until now.

Outlook Email Tracker is a secure Microsoft plugin which tracks all emails sent within an organisation. Administrators can identify the root cause of all emails sent, who’s sent them and their response times.

At present, Microsoft Office doesn’t provide an easy way to monitor individual performance in a shared mailbox which means your staff could be under-performing and failing to meet KPIs.

Using a source code, Outlook Email Tracker counts how many emails are received into a shared mailbox, how many were responded to, who replied and how long it took them to respond. The results are presented on a real-time dashboard for employers to generate reports and analyse results.


First Contact Resolution

First Contact Resolution is a company’s ability to solve a customer’s query during their first response to the customer’s contact.

Businesses failing to deliver on FCR often equates to poor customer service, which in turn costs UK businesses £37billion each year.

Apart from manually scrolling through every employees mailbox, there is no cost-effective and easy way to analyse your company’s FCR performance.

Outlook Email Tracker lets you know how many emails were sent as part of one chain, so you can make sure your staff are not sending multiple emails for one resolution. If they are, you have the information to take further steps such as staff training.

To find out more about Outlook Email Tracker or to book a free demo, visit: www.outlooktracker.com



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