14th January 2021

Skyrocket your business with Data Reports

Skyrocket your business with Data Reports

A system with a reporting function provides you with business information and is essential for improving your business processes. VISION CRM generates reports on a real-time dashboard with interactive graphs and charts.


What can you achieve with data reports?

Any data can be analysed and used to make rational, informed decisions about your business. Whether you are a logistics manager monitoring stock levels while working remotely, a director analysing staff timesheets and efficiency, or a finance director drilling into revenue, whatever gets recorded gets reported.

With automated reporting, you don’t need to be a data scientist to build reports and drill into business analysis.

You can ask specific questions such as Where in the sales process am I losing sales?” and analyse the results and make informed changes to your sales team.


Why does my business need a reporting system?

A reporting function in your system helps capture data that is needed by managers to run an effective business and monitor staff performance. You can produce data reports on just about anything. If your system records any form of data, such as finance, employee performance, stock etc, autogenerated reports can help you monitor KPIs and boost your business’s efficiency.

Here's why a reporting system is essential:

  • Real time reports needed for decision making and analysing trends
  • Reports being unavailable at the right time
  • Lack of transparency in current data or just one view of the company performance
  • Errors within data management, anomalies or quality issues leading to error-prone reports
  • Report on overall business does not meet local needs


An effective management reporting system helps:

  • Improve decision making
  • Improves effectiveness of management
  • Improves responsiveness to issues
  • Improve efficiency of resources in the delivery of products and services

VISION can extract your data and give you real-time reports to help make the right decisions for your business.


Reporting through VISION

  • Project quality reporting enables full analysis of project issues, capturing root cause and fixes
  • Reporting of quality management and faults can be automated
  • Real-time dashboard is fully-customisable and measures all your business data
  • VISION can integrate with third party system to input data which allows full data analysis in real time in one single Data Warehouse

VISION has been developed to be user friendly, and extremely cost effective. Large organisations across multiple sectors – such as education, supply chain management, energy brokerage and travel – have experienced a significant positive impact on their efficiency and use VISION to measure their progress.

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