31st October 2018

Spooktacular Goings-On At PSP-IT!

Spooktacular Goings-On At PSP-IT!

With some of our staff really getting into the swing of Halloween today, it’s been a spooktacular day in the office here at PSP-IT. Sally Tebbs, Business Development Manager, made the fangtastic pumpkin shown in the photo and Sally (Maleficent on the left) and Deborah Forrest (the cat holding the pumpkin) dressed up in anticipation of a night of greeting the trick or treaters.

Susan Payne, Customer Services Support, made the bootiful Halloween treat pack for every employee that included the most amazing cake! As a new employee at PSP, Rachel Rodgers, Marketing Manager, added, “It’s been a lovely couple of weeks getting to know everyone. We’re a really friendly team and I’m impressed by the determination, from senior management down, to deliver outstanding customer service and exceed expectations.”

Sorry about the spooky puns but it had to be done!

Happy Hallowe’en!

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