24th September 2020

Supercharge Your Business With Bolt-Ons!

Supercharge Your Business With Bolt-Ons!

Bolt-on solutions for management software are modules that work side-by-side with the core system and provide supplementary functionality. Typical bolt-on features include customer relationship management, product lifecycle management, resource planning, supply chain optimisation and more. Bolt-ons are often touted as an added advantage because they can provide extra customisation beyond the main operating system.

For decision makers who are reluctant to change their outdated system, using a third-party supplied add-on alongside their current Legacy is the perfect alternative solution.

Also known as “add-ons”, these are third-party software that can be easily attached to a client project, including a Customer Relationship Management (CRM). For example, PSP has created specific finance, membership and events programs for many major education providers. The bolt-ons plug into existing Legacy and collaborate with each other to deliver a fully-integrated system.

Picture the mechanics of a car. The central Legacy system is the engine of the vehicle and the heart of all operations. Adding a bolt-on is similar to adding a modification such as a turbo or enhancing the gearbox in order to make the car perform better.

For some organisations, replacing an ERP is an unviable option for several reasons. Bolt-ons are a great alternative as they kit out the system with a fresh, modern look and bring all aspects of the Customer Relationship Management together. This brings all business data together under one roof to automate processes.

Besides providing users with a more streamlined and unified experience, integrated solutions offer these added advantages:

  • Use of a single database can increase the speed of data transfer, resulting in fast performance
  • Integrated solutions can seamlessly leverage the functionality of the existing ERP, creating a more robust platform
  • Integrated legacy systems are easier to implement and usually cheaper to maintain over their lifetimes

Looking to jazz up or replace your Legacy system? PSP has provided Legacy support to major institutes and large companies in the retail and production industries, just to name a few.

We are proven at taking over a legacy, jazzing it up and making all the components work together.

Contact PSP to speak to our team of experienced professionals. Call 01775 722377, or email sales@psp-it.co.uk

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