19th November 2018

The Shocking Statistics Of Staff Email Overload

The Shocking Statistics Of Staff Email Overload

Have you ever worked out the cost to your business of employees opening emails?
You‘ll be shocked.

The bad news….

On average, each employee spends:

  • 4.1 hours each day 
  • 20.5 hours each week
  • 1,000 hours each year checking work email*

Taking the UK 2018 average hourly rate of £14.31, this means we are paying each employee £14,310 per year to check their email.  Using these statistics, if you have 20 employees, you will be collectively paying them £286,200 per year.  With latest statistics showing that 45% of emails sent are spam, is this really what you want?

How do you go about changing it?
Where do you start?

The good news...

As one of an elite group of accredited Microsoft Competency Partners, we have a software solution that is unique, affordable and simple to use: Outlook Tracker, the only Outlook Email productivity tool on the market.  Outlook Tracker will:

• Assign emails into categories according to criteria that you decide
• Analyse the root cause of email traffic, making it easy to see where time is being wasted
• Monitor the time taken by individuals or teams to respond to different email types
• Helps you to set up Service Level Agreements for your customers and ensure they are met 
• Extracts performance-led data including volume of emails incoming and outgoing, number read, replied to and by whom.
• Very secure. Does not read, track or store any email content.

The simple interface consists of full dashboard reporting, set up to measure and monitor what’s important to you. It shows results in real time, allowing you to take action immediately.

The Benefits

Using Outlook Tracker, you will be able to:

• Increase productivity by reducing the overall volume and time spent on email
• Improve customer service by cutting email response times and tracking SLA data
• Measure the performance of individuals or teams of staff
• Help employees by reducing the pressures caused by a constantly pinging inbox

The Maths

A single license for one user for one year costs under £200.

£200 to reduce a £14,310 bill.

It's a no-brainer!

Visit our Outlook Tracker Website to enquire.

* Figures based on 2016 Adobe research, sourced from a self-reported survey of more than 1,000 white-collar workers in the USA and the 2018 UK average hourly rate of £14.31.

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