Imagine having a piece of software designed specifically for you and your business needs, then discovering snags which result in slowing down the business, decreasing productivity and efficiency whilst you seek immediate help from your IT professional. Imagine the productive hours lost whilst you wait for the snags to be fixed and the inevitable customer complaints that result from a faulty application.
In order to avoid the frustrations of this commonplace scenario it is worth considering your test plans in advance of Go Live on software and application development. At PSP-IT we have a customer services team who focus solely on testing and project management for all of our projects. Our team work separately from the development team and have a defined set of test objectives for each project.

PSP-IT Customer Services Testing

A great software tester has passion for the product they are testing, the right attitude, excellent analytical and technical skills and with the exceptional ability to communicate with the customer in both verbal and written communications. At PSP-IT, as we develop your software, test plans are simultaneously created from the initial specification in readiness for the development being completed. Once completed, the development is then passed it to our in house testing team where they thoroughly test the finished product on a test site environment before we pass the project over to you for review.
Once our customer services team have passed the development, each client is invited to our specially designed IT training room where you will have the opportunity to run User Acceptance Testing (UAT) alongside your designated customer service representative. Our team are happy to train end users of the development project using step by step test plans which will have been created specifically for you.
You will then be asked to sign off the project with the peace of mind that thorough testing has taken place in a controlled and documented environment. Those manpower hours have not been lost and your project is delivered on schedule with the minimum of fuss.



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