14th August 2020

UK Companies Outsource IT More Than Anything Else For This Very Reason

UK Companies Outsource IT More Than Anything Else For This Very Reason

According to a YouGov poll, IT is the most frequently outsourced function for UK businesses, with over a third (34%) opting to hand over all, or part, of their functions to outside suppliers.

It’s no surprise considering nearly all companies need technology to operate. However, most don’t need, or can’t afford, a technician on-hand at all times. Paying a managed services provider will often make more sense in terms of budget and performance.

A key motivation for companies who outsource their IT is that they don’t have qualified/relevant staff.

An outsourced service provider undertakes their own training and keeps up to date with all the latest advancements in technology, meaning businesses benefit from all updated tech and resources to keep them ahead of their competition.


Outsourced IT PSP-IT Spalding, Lincolnshire


IT Director

An IT Director is vital for your business. These professionals ensure your company’s information technology is updated and secure. They direct the use of technology throughout your organisation and oversee technical projects in alignment with your organisational goals.

However, most SMEs don’t have the work nor the budget to justify hiring for this position. Therefore, PSP provides agile IT Directors who work on a full or part-time basis, fitting into your IT department on a schedule in line with your business requirements.


Agile Team of Support

Companies outsource their IT for a range of different reasons. These can vary from a cost-effective alternative to hiring full time, to save money.
Here are some of the main reasons why companies outsource their IT management:

  • They have agile and flexible senior-level support whenever they need it
  • They benefit from the major advantages of an IT director without having to pay a full-time wage
  • Have large skills sets available to them, so they can overcome any obstacles
  • Can hold “outsourcers” to account through setting SLAs and KPIs, ensuring they always perform to the best ability
  • IT Directors oversee their entire IT, working with strategy, support, and development, while reporting to major stakeholders in the business


Charities and Education Sector

Our team of experts have extensive experience of delivering outsourced IT management to charities and education providers. Our work has provided some of the major Chartered Institutes with specialist and strategic IT knowledge to help them get the best out of their IT practices in order to improve their business processes and lead the way in their sector.

From bespoke software development, to updating outdated systems and industry-leading tech solutions, our team of professionals possesses a strong depth of knowledge for your next project. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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