17th September 2018

Using Outlook Email Tracker to manage SLA's

Did you know recent research has proven that on average, in an office environment workers spend a third of their productive time reading and replying to email.

(Carleton University, Canada April 2017)

We have a fantastic product at PSP called Outlook Email Tracker which was developed to reduce that somewhat frightening figure!

Aimed at organisations with busy customer services teams with a high volume of email traffic, Outlook Email Tracker already runs at a number of UK organisations including a property management company who track customer emails regarding property maintenance and management charges etc. Our customer is able to look at the volume of enquiries on each topic which enables them to make decisions about how to allocate manpower resource. If, for example, there are a large number of emails about a particular maintenance project on a block of apartments our customer may decide to send out a marketing communication to the tenants outlining the project in detail. This will then reduce email query traffic and free up the customer services team to deal with other topics.

Like most companies we use an analytics service to look at visits to the Outlook Tracker website and we noticed a pattern emerging about 12 months ago. Most visitors to our company website used UK registered IP addresses but for the page on our email tracker product the majority of hits were from overseas and particularly outside of Europe. What interested these visitors and why were they searching for this product in particular?

We believe the root cause of this trend lies in the SLA functionality of Outlook Email Tracker. It seems that organisations running a customer service centre needed a way to check the productivity of their employees without interrupting their flow of work. They also needed to prove to their customers that they were responding to their queries accurately and in a timely fashion.

So how does Outlook Email Tracker work?

Outlook Email Tracker allows both the individuals and the management teams to view real time performance data, which is driven by multiple variables. These could include volume of incoming or outgoing emails, volume of responses and in what time frame or even the reason for emails being sent.

The product can be entirely customised to meet business need. Although the built in reporting suite and dashboard is comprehensive, bespoke reports can also be added to reflect specific business KPI’s and SLA’s. 

For example, we have a client who wanted to receive alerts for any incoming emails from a particular client as they were on a 1 hr response SLA. Management needed sight of how many had come in, when, and how many had been responded to in what time and by whom.

The report configuration allows the end user to change their working times – this in turn filters through to a working time response report. If you work 9am-5pm and your response SLA is 24 hrs, the system will allow for your working hours within that SLA.

Ultimately, what Outlook Email Tracker does, is increase productivity and reduce costs and time spent on email.

The look and feel of the tool is purposefully simple. Intuitive and easy to follow it has a familiar ‘windows’ layout.

 The Home Dashboard display.

All data is exportable into alternative platforms such as word or excel.

On the left you can see the menu… the configuration tab allows you to not only exclude certain email addresses from your reports but also set up those important working hours.

In addition, the Report tab provides further data:

Each time you open an additional report, they are added to your page so you can quickly refer back to them and have multiple reports open at once!

So we worked out why Email Tracker was such a powerful tool for those overseas customers who need to be the best in their marketplace, and it’s a simple equation: –

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