15th October 2020

Various customer communication channels could be costing you

Various customer communication channels could be costing you

Research has shown that telephone communications is estimated to drastically reduce from three out of four of all contact from consumers in 2007, to less than two thirds in 2021.

This means that over one third of all communications will be via means other than phone. Email, social media and web chats are taking over, which is why offering an omnichannel customer service is essential.

However, Gartner Inc. say more channels for customer service leads to "more complex and costly customer interactions to manage." In fact, they claim live channels such as phone, live chat and email cost an average of $8.01 (approx £6.18) per contact resolution!

Based on five issues every working day, that's more than $10,000 (£7,711) spent resolving issues per year.

In a world where consumers expect more means of communications to quickly solve their issues, there is a simple way for companies and customer service leaders to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and keep their costs down.

Outlook Email Tracker lets you track the response times of ALL emails sent to, from and within an organisation.

And, starting from £200 per license, it can massively slash the costs of £7,711 in annual outgoings.

With Outlook Email Tracker, customer service managers can ensure all members of staff are meeting KPIs and emails are being responded to in time.

The clever plugin lets you measure individual performance within a shared mailbox to check that everyone is sharing the workload, targets are being met and improve email productivity.

To find out more, or to book a free demonstration of Outlook Email Tracker, visit: www.outlooktracker.co.uk.

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