10th July 2019

Vision Data Warehouse - Integral QMS With CRM & Other Key Business Systems

Vision Data Warehouse - Integral QMS With CRM & Other Key Business Systems

Here at PSP-IT we use Vision, our Data Warehouse, for everything, from CRM and financial management to project and task management and for HR.  Vision also operates as an extremely versatile QMS or Quality Management System.  Vision allows us to keep everything in one place, meaning that when we receive any information from a contact, it is immediately logged.  This might be:

  • A phone call or email into us, saving any email communication and any action that needs to be taken against the contact
  • A phone call to the customer from us
  • Any type of quality issue, along with everything we have carried out to resolve the issue
  • Any quotes or orders or other sales communication
  • Any of our purchase orders, payments or anything else related to procurement
  • Any tasks relating to any customer or supplier
  • Staff timesheets with hours of work logged against different customers
  • All projects and work schedules with timesheets created on Vision
  • All marketing activity and communications

Along with many other things that don’t immediately come to mind!  Our CEO can, from his office, open up his dashboard and see everything he needs to see about how the business is operating, at a glance, in real time.  Unlike many other QMS or data warehouse systems, the creation of reports or charts is also incredibly easy.  There is no need to involve the IT department to create custom reports.  Using the headings selector, it’s possible to build up tables of data very easily and quickly and convert these to charts or reports if required.

Quality is our top priority

For instance, here at PSP we see quality as the number one priority.  Any quality issues coming into the business are recorded against the customer, sorted into different levels of urgency and allocated to different departments to work on as soon as possible.  Monitors in our offices display the status of quality issues so it’s possible to see at a glance, in real time, what is resolved and what is outstanding. 

Vision QMS displayed on the screens in one of our offices

Our ticketing system, for anyone needing technical support, is integrated into Vision and this information is incorporated into office displays.  This means that everyone is aware of our customers’ requirements at all times and will work to ensure that their needs are met.

Additionally, Vision can be used to store all quality documents, acting as a central location for everyone to access.

Advantages of a versatile QMS

The many advantages of a versatile and reactive QMS that is integrated into the main business systems include:

  • An embedded culture of Quality, with issues constantly visible and accurately prioritised
  • Only one system for which employees need training
  • Improved efficiency and less waste
  • Effective control of key business processes
  • A more sophisticated understanding of customer needs
  • Regulation of effective working practices
  • Elevated customer satisfaction
  • Better risk management
  • Improved participation of employees and better internal communication
  • A competitive advantage
  • Improved profits and fewer costly errors

The list goes on…  Please visit the Vision website for more information.


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