11th February 2021

What is a legacy system and why should you update it?

What is a legacy system and why should you update it?

Like all technology, legacy systems are constantly being updated and soon become obsolete.

There’s a reason why your computer uses the latest software instead of the old software it came with when you bought it many moons ago. The updated computer performs faster and has more capabilities than the older version on the old system.

That’s not to say that an organisation should be replacing their system every five years. However, they should be performing regular updates to make sure it’s running smoothly, secure and compatible with common technology.


Why are businesses updating their legacy systems?

44% of CIOs believe legacy technologies can be a major stumbling block for a company’s digital growth.

As companies grow, they quickly outgrow their original systems. and are modernising them to stay ahead of their competition.

Research suggests companies that modernised their legacy system made operational cost savings of more than 13%. Modernising legacy systems also gave businesses the opportunity to increase annual revenue by at least 14%.

Despite the many benefits of a modernised legacy system, businesses are still clutching onto their old systems.

However, these systems become problematic and companies start facing error messages, bugs and major issues which impact their revenue and profits.


4 improvements you'll see from an updated legacy system


  1. Cost savings

Companies who modernise their legacy systems experience a significant reduction in costs. Being able to move data onto the cloud, quickly diagnosing issues and removing a large chunk of IT budget on maintenance are all major factors in bringing down costs.

Some research claims organisations spend up to 80% of their IT budget on maintaining their legacy system. This can be drastically reduced with an updated system.

Not only does maintenance cost money, but it also takes up a chunk of the IT teams’ time. This time could be spent on developing new technology and disaster recovery strategies to build strategic plans for the future.


  1. Greater opportunities

Modernised, cloud-based systems provide high-scalability in an organisation and allow them to connect with customers easier.

Typically, developing new features and services with an old system is an uphill challenge. With a modernised system, you can bring in solutions for life which can grow at the same rate as the organisation.


  1. Improved staff efficiency

Further research found that upgrading legacy applications improves the development team’s productivity by as much as 40%. This is because developers have access to superior tools and cloud technology which substantially saves time.


  1. Better security

Arguably one of the biggest threats facing organisation in today’s digital world is their security.

If anything prompts you to modernise your legacy system, it should be your vulnerability to a cyber-attack- which happens every 39 seconds.

Outdated systems use old coding and have patches which are easy for attacks to exploit and gain complete access to your system and data.

Updating your legacy system gives you better protection from cyber-attacks. Ensuring your business transactions are safe, as is the personal data of those you hold.


We make IT happen

PSP has over 120 years of combined experience taking over complicated legacy systems and managing them under a maintenance contract.

We understand that new systems do not always perform better and the challenges with ROI mean a new system is not always a realistic option.

We work closely with you, the client, to identify exactly what you need from a system, how your business could be improved and offer you a solution that delivers real value for money.

We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to support you with your complex legacy system needs.

Speak to our team of experts today: sales@psp-it.co.uk or phone: 01775 722377

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