16th February 2021

What would happen if your business were hacked today?

What would happen if your business were hacked today?

What would happen if your operating system were hacked today, your data was stolen and you couldn’t gain back control of your system? You probably don’t want to think about that.


Latest statistics suggest this is today’s biggest threat organisations face; and ALL companies must act.

There were 20 billion data breaches in 2020 – and only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected.*

Cyber attacks don’t just cost you money, you lose customer trust.


What threats are there to my business?

Attackers are constantly evolving their methods and tactics, making it even harder for companies to stay up to date with the techniques used by criminals.

Malicious links distributed via email

Also known as "phishing", this is when an attacker sends an email to try and trick the recipient into unknowingly click on a harmful link or download a virus. Attackers typically construct an email to look like it has come straight from a reliable source (e.g. a bank or charity), therefore staff should always inspect the address and the link and, if anything looks suspicious, delete the email.


Insider attacks

Insider attacks are attacks that are initiated due to the action if a trusted internal user of a system. These users may be employees, contractors or other personnel with access. Many of these insider attacks are unintentional mistakes and can include:

  • Poorly misguided passwords
  • Losing devices on public transport
  •  Rogue or disgruntled current and former employees attacking the system for personal gain or revenge

In order to keep staff vigilant and aware of cyber-security dangers, regular staff training is essential. Warn against using the same password for different accounts and teach users how to safely save their logins. Ensure passwords are changed periodically and as soon as someone who has access leaves the company.



One of the most sophisticated and damaging threats out there. This type of malware, when opened, locks the system down and encrypts the device so no one can use it until a hefty ransom is paid, although some hackers are prone to not follow through on the unlocking that they promise, causing the business to suffer even further. The NHS ransomware attack in 2017 was part one of the biggest global ransomware attacks in recent history – with many fearing it was just the start.


SQL Injection Attack

SQL Injection (SQLi) is a type of an injection attack that uses malicious SQL code for backend database manipulation to access information that was not intended to be displayed. This information could include a large number of data such as sensitive company data and private customer details.
The impact SQLi can have on a business is far-reaching. As well as gaining administrative rights to a database, an SQLi may harm your customer trust if their personal details are stolen.


Expert knowledge when you need IT

These are just the tip of a large iceberg and a thorough cyber-security strategy needs to be in place to protect you.

PSP-IT is a government approved supplier with more than 120 years of combined experience. We have strong, in-depth knowledge of all the latest threats and constantly analyse any loopholes within an organisation.

From working alongside some of the largest chartered institutes for more than a decade – and with a strong, up-to-date knowledge of cyber security – PSP-IT understands some of the major attacks which threaten organisations right now. And we can help protect you from these.

PSP-IT is an award-winning digital agency offering bespoke services such as legacy support, software development and website design and development.

We build operating systems to an ISO standard, while our websites are built on secure CMSs and we provide thorough staff training for our clients to ensure their safety.

need advice on cyber security? Visit: https://www.psp-businessservices.co.uk/develop-strategy/cyber-security-strategy/

Want to find out more about Legacy System Support? Click here: https://www.psp-it.co.uk/services/legacy-system-support-development/


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