10th February 2021

Your business running a legacy? You could be AT RISK

Your business running a legacy? You could be AT RISK

Are you running your organisation or institute on an outdated computer system? You are putting your business at risk every minute of every day.

Using outdated computers and legacy software has these major risks:


Viruses and Spyware

Because most of the languages legacy systems are built through are now extinct, they are rarely compatible with modern security and authentication methods. Leaving your business at serious risk of data breaches and ransomware attacks.

Latest studies report that the average cost of a single data breach is $3.6 million, with businesses facing a one-in-four chance. Because outdated systems are no longer supported by the manufacturer, one unpatched vulnerability can allow cyber-criminals to access your entire system and compromise your data.

The loss of reputation and customer trust alone could send a business into financial turnover, before the physical cost of the breach has taken its toll. The need for a tightened security across a business's network and digital infrastructure is critical for its survival and growth.


Communication/integration problems

Legacy applications may not be able to talk to latest systems or software. The system will ultimately stop working and you will require specialist support for a very high price.



Support for a legacy system can be hard to find and it could come at a substantially high cost. These issues will be felt across the whole business; from staff unable to work due to prolonged system errors, and finance teams exceeding the IT budget.

While the costs to replace a legacy are high - and decision makers are wary of the downtime - the overall cost of a new system would majorly outweigh the ongoing maintenance costs for an outdated server.


System incompatibility

Busineses often want to take advantage of new technology, but regularly overlook how new applications can integrate with their existing systems. A barrier companies who run off outdated systems face is its incompatibility with newer systems- something which is vital for running a business in the 21st Century. This occurs costs to bring in specialist IT teams, harms your growth as a business and strengthens your competitors as their digital capacity and security grows.


Lost employee productivity and numbers

Not only do outdated systems slow down efficiency (which in turn costs you money and puts you behind your competitors), they also impact how your employees and customers view your company.

Training employees on outdated systems takes serious time and specialist training, while downtime can put staff out of action for substantially long periods of time. This affects your staff performance and your customer satisfaction.

Outdated technology can harm your ability to employ and train staff; with some sensing your company is reluctant to change and growth.


Would you go five years without servicing your car?

Imagine not servicing your car for two years and the malfunction this would cause to our engine? The damage caused to an outdated and untreated computer system will have the same implications.

In today’s business environment, work needs to be quicker, deadlines met faster, expenses are stretched further and budgets are thinner despite having to go a longer way.


Modernise and sweat your assets

PSP-IT: We make IT happen


Replacing a legacy system with a brand new one isn’t always the right solution for every business. They either don’t have the budget or want to avoid downtime while the system is being migrated.

In instances like this, you need a reliable contractor to deliver you dependable support and maintenance.

PSP-IT prides itself on its strong customer care and we always believe in value for money.

We can take an outdated legacy system, modernise and sweat its assets to help you get more out of your system. Because of the increased speed, the lower risk of downtime and the automation of manual tasks, you will see a quick return on your investment.

To find out more, speak to our team of professionals today: sales@psp-it.co.uk, or phone: 01775 722377.


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