16th November 2015

BBC News reports high volume of email causes stress at work

In fact one company has taken the decision to ban all internal email communication for a period of one week, in an attempt to reduce work stress (BBC News: Company trials email-free working). But at what expense?

The fact is, it’s not practical for a business to stop sending emails, but with the average office employee spending over a quarter of their working day on sending and receiving email, it's important that companies understand how it’s being used, what value it delivers and at what cost to the business.

Outlook Email Tracker is a simple but powerful Microsoft Outlook add-on application tool designed to reduce the time employees spend answering and responding to email.

Click here to visit our website and find out how Outlook Email Tracker will;

  • Reduce the overall volume and time spent on email, improving productivity in the workplace
  • Decrease email response times, improving customer service and business communication
  • Maintain and improve future business communication, with effective KPI and performance measurement in real-time

Alternatively, you can contact Caroline Walton, Sales and Marketing Manager, directly on 01775 718825 to arrange an online demonstration.

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