25th June 2019

Congratulations To Our Newly Certified Umbraco Professionals

Congratulations To Our Newly Certified Umbraco Professionals

When you choose to work with PSP IT, you can be certain that your requirements will be met by design and development teams who, collectively, have the most up to date training and certification. Web technology is constantly evolving at a phenomenal rate and we ensure that our teams keep pace with this evolution. What’s more, our enthusiastic and dedicated individuals request any additional training they feel they need in order to carry out their roles to the best of their ability.

We’re delighted to report that two members of our design and development teams recently completed intensive training to become Umbraco Certified Professionals.

The professional training involved connecting a 3rd party application to sites via Umbraco and the new features available for extending the back office functionality for a better user experience. Crucially, the security component of the training ensured that we have a good understanding of the latest security threats and how to secure Umbraco sites from hackers and other security risks.

You can be assured that all our web development projects will be built using best practise and utilise the most up to date features. Why Umbraco?

We are sometimes asked why we utilise Umbraco as our chosen web platform. We use it because it is, quite simply, the best. It’s the best option for creating beautiful, functional websites.

With an Umbraco website you get:

  • A simple, easy to use and very flexible CMS or Content Management System. The CMS can be fully adjusted to suit each individual client. If they are very adept at using content management systems and making html changes to content then this can be built in. However, if the aim of our customers is to keep it as simple as possible so that adding content is quick and easy, then Umbraco can easily be configured in this way as well.
    If the CMS requirements change, the CMS can easily be modified to suit.
  • A web platform backed by a professional, highly skilled company as well as an open source community and a dedicated partner system. The extent of all this knowledge and support means that whatever you require, however unusual or complicated, we can build for you. Additionally, this extended family of support means that if the worst happened and you fell out with your web developer, another company would be able to take up the reigns pretty quickly.
  • Websites that will allow you free reign over the content you want to add to your site, meaning that images, video and other forms of content, whatever size they are, can be catered for. We know that content is important and you won’t be trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.
  • The ability to easily integrate your new website with any existing systems or applications.
  • To see some examples of what we can build using Umbraco, please visit some of our Website Developments Case Studies.
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