27th April 2023

Developer James Re-Joins PSP!

Developer James Re-Joins PSP!

Two months ago, PSP's first-ever apprentice developer re-joined the company after leaving around five years ago in search of pastures new. It was an easy decision to bring him back home and straight away his infectious positivity spread right through the office and onto our clients.

After a month of being back at PSP, we asked him a few questions about how he's settling in and why he wanted to rejoin the company he joined as an apprentice when he left school.


You recently re-joined the company after leaving around 5 years ago, what made you decide to come back?

"The main reason was planning for the future, I got married last year so the next step is to have children which we are planning for. Because of this, I wanted a role closer to home with better hours, so I reached out to Joe and it went from there. I knew what I would be getting with PSP and as soon as I knew there was an opportunity open to rejoin I had my heart set on it."


What did it feel like to walk back through the doors?

"It felt like I had never been away, everything still felt so familiar with a lot of familiar faces still here!"


Back when you started, you were PSP’s first-ever apprentice developer. How has your knowledge developed since that time?

"Hugely, I took on a role as a lead developer at another IT company where I gained experience in multiple platforms, applications and technologies helping me become a well-rounded software developer."


What changes have you noticed at the company since returning?

"It's grown.... a lot! Most of the things are still the same, which is good, as they are the things that attracted me back to PSP in the first place but the main thing that's changed is the size. There's a lot of new people in new roles with various different projects all going on at the same time."


What have you already been up to since restarting? 

"Getting up to speed on some of the new projects that have been developed since I left, but then also various updates on existing client and in-house applications that I worked on initially when they were first developed; which feels like yesterday and I picked up again straight away."


What goes into a client project to ensure it runs smoothly for the client?

"A lot of pre-planning! All of our internal processes are documented and have been updated as the business progresses, with reviews taking place after each project to ensure the processes will be in the best shape for the next project. Therefore, we have a base foundation for all projects to run smoothly before they have even begun."


As a developer, what other departments in the business are important for your day-to-day role?

"The two main departments I rely on daily are customer services and the IT infrastructure team. I want to be able to concentrate and get deep into coding, having customer services interact with the customer in place of myself and the IT infrastructure team take care of my network and IT needs leaves me more time to do what I do best and code!"

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