EX-AM Portal – Online management system

22nd July 2013

What is EX-AM Portal?

A diverse, easy to use online IT system designed and developed to decrease duplication, increase productivity and save valuable resources.

How can it help me?

EX-AM is an off-the-shelf application specifically designed to assist with the management of paper marking, standardisation and the moderation processes used by awarding bodies when managing exam paper marking activity. Features amongst many include; automated marking process, marking allocation, standardisation, moderation and administration reporting.

Who is it built for?

EX-AM Portal is suitable for any chartered institutes, academies, colleges and universities involved in higher education. From start to finish, the EX-AM Portal IT system has been designed with the customer in the forefront, addressing issues that perhaps other systems do not accommodate.

Full assessment life cycle

EX-AM Portal allows suppliers, examiners, assessors and moderators to interact efficiently online. It is a stable online system built to manage a full assessment life cycle with key areas focusing on Your Profile, Tool Kit, Marking Allocation, Standardisation, Admin and Reports. Access the EX-AM Portal system locally from your computer system or from anywhere on the web from all common browsers.

Click here to download the product sheet.

Click here to view the product promotional video.

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