18th May 2021

Hot desk! PSP introduces Hybrid Working

Like almost every company, Covid changed the way we worked as some members of our development team began working from their home offices and studies.

This week, as the UK government announced further lifting of lockdown restrictions, we’ve turned eight desks in our development office into hot desks.

There are certain roles within the company where home working isn’t possible. However, for those members of staff who can fulfil their jobs remotely, the hot desking policy gives them the best of both worlds.

The hot desks feature two brand new curved Samsung monitors and a GT Omega gaming chair as well as connectivity which allows most computers to simply be plugged in and used without the need for new wiring, spare cables etc….

CEO, Joe Verde said: “The Covid-19 pandemic brought fresh challenges to PSP, however the talent and hard-working ethic we have here at PSP ensured the service we provided for our clients wasn’t impacted as some of our development team transitioned to remote working.

“The hot desks mean flexibility for those members of staff who we can accommodate with blended working environment as they can enjoy both the convenience of home working and the excellent facilities we have here in our refurbished offices.”

As well as investing in our people, PSP continues to invest in its working environment and facilities. This ensures our colleagues feel happy and fully supported when working both on site and remotely.




Agile Software Testing Centre

This is just the start of an exciting transition at PSP, as plans to build a state-of-the-art testing centres at PSP HQ have just begun.

We are kitting out a brand-new Testing centre which will accommodate six skilled persons in total. This will free up four desks in our customer services, which will be turned into further hot desks.

Want to join our testing team? Head over to our careers page.

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