13th May 2014

Microsoft SharePoint 365 support and development

Lifting Systems Ltd design, manufacture and install gantry structures for overhead factory cranes and are based in Northampton.

They engaged PSP to supply Microsoft SharePoint 2013 support for their 365 SharePoint application. Discussions are also ongoing with reference to Lifting Systems Ltd moving their current CRM over to PSP’s off-the-shelf CRM system called ‘Vision’.

Joe Verde CEO said “We have really seen SharePoint take off in 2014 compared to previous years, SharePoint 365 which is based in the cloud is a cost effective way for companies to implement a robust document and project management application without excessive licencing and set up costs, where to some business, they just cannot justify such costs but do need a Microsoft SharePoint application”.

We are delighted to have been engaged by Lifting Systems Ltd and look forward to building a long lasting working relationship with the whole team.

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