7th August 2018

New Order Process Automation Project - Greeen Plus UK

PSP-IT are thrilled to announce a new successful Bespoke IT Development project for Greeen Plus UK. Greeen Plus (based in Bourne, Lincolnshire) invited PSP-IT to provide an automated solution to their data processing  and forward planning systems.

PSP-IT's unique experience working with clients in Horticulture Logistics means we were able to fast identify a solution to Greeen Plus's forward planning issue. We implemented a solution that reduced data processing time from 2 hours per day to an incredible 2 minutes per day. Greeen Plus reported that keying errors had been reduced to zero and they can already see increased production efficiencies resulting from the project.

All this delivered well before the key Multiple Retailer pre-Christmas buying period so that Greeen Plus can look forward to a profitable and efficient Christmas 2018!


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