23rd April 2019

New Outlook Email Tracker Website Now Live

New Outlook Email Tracker Website Now Live

Our new Outlook Email Tracker Website is now live! The site features a new informative Outlook Email Tracker video on the home page. This explains a little of what the software can do and how it can supply management with the email data needed to be able to make decisions and implement improvements. There is also a new, fully updated brochure available for download on the home page.

Outlook Email Tracker can help you to improve email productivity by:

  • Measuring Email Response Times
  • Investigating Email Volume
  • Monitoring Individual Email Users
  • Establishing Root Cause of Email Traffic

It is even able to monitor shared inboxes, helping you to see who is responding to emails (and who is not responding), how long it takes them to respond and the root cause of emails arriving into the shared inbox. It is useful for any departments in a business from Customer Services to Quality, Sales or Finance.

Using this information, managers, supervisors or team leaders can:

  •  Improve Productivity
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Make Significant Cost Savings

All the collected data is displayed, in real time, on a fully interactive dashboard and further, more detailed information, can be found in reports. All reports can be downloaded onto a spreadsheet for further analysis of the data.

Using the information collected, the reports allow the user to drill down deeper into the data and display an array of fascinating information such as how much time is taken within a chosen time period emailing or responding to different individual clients. Clients demanding a lot of attention may be your best customers. However, if they are a client that yields one of the lowest incomes then this raises questions about how to handle the time spent.

Other fascinating report examples include the proportion of an individual’s time spent on which root causes, how responses to emails in a shared inbox are distributed between staff and the root causes of all email into the business, department or team during a selected time period.

All of these reports can be used to increase email efficiency, overall employee productivity and lead to much improved customer service.
For only £200 or less per licence, it’s a very affordable way of making significant cost savings….
Take a look at our new website now https://www.outlooktracker.com/ and contact the Outlook Tracker Team for a demo or for any other questions.

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