8th July 2020

Office workers spend a shocking 20 weeks per year on their emails

Office workers spend a shocking 20 weeks per year on their emails

A survey by Adobe found people in the work place spend on average 3.1 hours per day sending and checking their emails alone, amounting to 15.5 hours per week - and a shocking 20 full weeks of the year.

A business which has a 200-strong workforce on the UK minimum wage would pay its staff a staggering £1.2m every year for reading and sending emails. More importantly, around half of this time is thought to be wasted on needlessly checking for updates, spam and sending personal emails.

A study by SoftwareONE showed that workers typically send 15 emails per day when it would be easier to speak to the recipient face-to-face or over the phone, rather than wasting an hour and 20 minutes in their inbox and slowing down the progress of the task.

More than half of those surveyed felt their productivity and focus was hampered by regularly checking their inbox, but felt it was something they needed to do, while almost two thirds said their regular email checks massively reduced their productivity.

As a result, productivity within an office is considerably lost and ‘email distraction’ is costing businesses as much as £6,000 of wasted time per year for every employee.


What Can I Do?

How can you fix this if you don’t know what – or how many – emails are being sent within your organisation? To find the cause to the problem, you need to find the root. That’s where Outlook Email Tracker helps.

With Outlook Tracker, you can:

  • Establish the root cause of email traffic in your workplace by analysing the reasons for every email sent and received across the workplace
  • Monitor email response times to ensure you are meeting KPIs and SLAs, allowing you to make changes in order to meet targets and improve customer service
  • Filter results through departments, offices and shared mailboxes; giving you a thorough understanding of Outlook correspondence across your business
  • Monitor email trends from clients by identifying the reasons for emails received and analysing customer engagement. Allowing you to act and cut back most of those emails
  • Export data into reports based on custom date ranges to help analyse trends and implement effective business changes across the organisation
  • Uncover data you would never be able to have access to
  • Save time and money within your business


As the software simply analyses data through a code, Outlook Tracker cannot access, read or save the contents of an email, guaranteeing confidentially within your workplace.

The smart plug-in gives you the chance to find out what emails are being sent and how long it is taking to respond to them. Leading to increased efficiency, eradicated wasted time spent on emails, improved customer service and much more.

Companies across the globe are seeing the benefits of using Outlook Email Tracker. To request a free demo, visit: https://www.outlooktracker.com/request-a-demo/

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