18th December 2019

Official launch of our new generation online assessment software

Official launch of our new generation online assessment software

Our close work with qualification-awarding bodies and assessment organisations has culminated in the launch of our new generation online assessment software, eMarking. It takes in-depth experience to understand the complex processes involved in the smooth running of the complete examination life-cycle, from question writing and exam paper creation to the production of marking schemes and exam moderation and standardisation. We’ve worked alongside one of the largest Chartered Institutes in the country as well as a globally recognised Health, Safety and Environmental qualification-awarding organisations. We’ve designed, developed and launched versatile, fully-functional online assessment software that streamlines the entire examination process, meaning that our customers can manage, rather than administrate.

The first product to launch, eMark, is the first in a series of fully customisable, easy to use tools and we’re delighted with our new video that explains the software perfectly:

eMark is an assessor management tool that automatically distributes papers out to assessors according to their qualifications to mark each exam, the languages they can mark in, how many papers they have already been allocated and their availability. The papers are sent to the examiner’s online portal for download for marking. Once marked, the system tags them as marked so that the administrator can see the status of each and every exam paper and the workload of each examiner just by looking at their dashboard. The system will also alert the admin team if any papers are overdue.

Remarking and standardisation are easy with eMark. Papers can be sent to different examiners with the click of a mouse!

eMark is just the first in a series of tools that are in the PSP pipeline for development. The teams are already working on the next product.

The upfront cost of our online assessment software, eMarking, is much lower than most other systems currently on the market, with comparatively low ongoing licensing fees. It is also fully customisable. You can configure the system to distribute, measure, display and report whatever you need it to, and, unlike other off the shelf applications, we can do this very quickly.

Finally, the return on investment is very high due to the significant amount of time save, allowing you to manage the examination process rather than administrate.
For more information, go to the eMarking website or contact us on 01775 722377.

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