14th November 2014

Phase 2: EX-AM Online Portal

Based on Microsoft SharePoint platform, EX-AM Portal will assist institutes manage external resource effectively and efficiently as including their whole exam process.

PSP are delighted to announce the 2nd phase of EX-AM Online Portal. Essay question paper production has been developed and already purchased by The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, they will go live in December 2014 with the new module. 

This new module allows questions to be written, scrutinised, reviewed, proof read and banked into one central 'Question Bank'.  From the Question Bank, question papers can be created.  PSP have been designing and developing this process for the past 12 months.

Key Features

Some key features of this new module are:

  • Question & question paper task allocation
  • Anonymous question creation process with tracking (all amends are tracked, similar to Microsoft Word tracking)
  • Process driven question writing including:
    • Authors submit questions for review
    • Scrutineer reviews question
    • Panel reviews question
    • Question is proof read
    • Question is banked
  • Automated question paper and mark scheme creation direct from the question bank
  • Question paper and mark scheme export to Microsoft Word for printing

Other modules within the EX-AM Portal are:

  • Marker management – planning resources, updating accounts etc.
  • Marking allocation – allocating resource for paper marking
  • Conflict management
  • Task management
  • Address management
  • Moderation & standardisation – ensuring all markers conform to the set standard
  • Online paper marking

EX-AM Portal really is a ‘one stop shop’ for managing the whole examination process. A single application used for storing questions, creating question papers, marking allocation, standardisation, moderation and online paper marking. EX-AM Portal can also be used to manage all external resources This application allows unlimited analysis to be carried out such as: question analysis, region analysis, and marker analysis, easily accessible from one central location. EX-AM Portal is an innovative solution for what is a very complex process for most chartered institutes and education establishments.

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