PSP passes stage one ISO9001:2008

21st February 2013

To date the team have successfully documented the company's processes and procedures, to comply with the standard; bringing a disciplined approach to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

We have also introduced new auditing processes to support compliance with both the ISO9001:2008 standard itself, and internal working practices.

The introduction of non-conformance reporting (NCR) will continue to bring a structured process for continuous improvement, ensuring that root cause analysis techniques and corrective opportunities are maximised.

We have developed new quality planning tools, recorded through the ISO Quality Objectives, to ensure that we consistently have quality improvement projects in progress. Bringing a consistent approach to our on-going commitment to quality.

We now look forward to the Stage 2 audit on the 28th February 2013 where we hope to achieve full ISO9001:2008 certification, providing an internationally recognised stamp of approval for quality at PSP IT Design & Development.

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