14th September 2017

UK Produce Industry Fair 2017, Peterborough Arena

This was PSPs very first exhibition, which was very much a team effort, but we would like to individually thank Ashley, our artistic young designer, for designing not only UK PIFs branding but PSPs very first promotional stand and flyers. 

Thank you for such a great team effort in our Development Department where all the design work was carried out in-house prior to launching the UK PIFs website, after following a brief from Trevor Hyde and Phil Scarlett earlier in the year. 

Thank you to James our talented VISION developer who went the extra mile for us in assembling and disassembling our stand at the Arena.

We were so proud to see how the design work was incorporated everywhere, from the flags at the entrance, to the Fowler Welsh truck emblazoned with UK PIFs branding, to the flags inside the Arena and the freebie pens… 

We know from talking to other exhibitors that great new connections were made over the two days and we wish them all good luck into turning those new connections into solid partnerships.

PSP have come a long way in nine years with thanks to our excellent team back at base and the great opportunities our customers have given us over the years and we would like to wish everyone continued success and we hope to see you all at UK PIF next year. 

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