8th August 2022

Web-based product planning system for Flamingo Flowers

Web-based product planning system for Flamingo Flowers

After PSP developed a bespoke application for the planning and operating of their plant side of the business a few years ago, Flamingo Flowers were so impressed with the system they've asked us to develop the software so it can manage their flower operations as well.

We're also making the system web-based, which means staff can access the software through a web browser from any device. This means the software will be securely accessed from its staff from anywhere, and it gives it great ability to integrate with other systems.

We really enjoyed the previous project, which saw us mapping out their entire process journey and transforming it into an easy to use computer software that considerably saved them administration time by automating the process.

We can't wait to work with Flamingo again to extend their current system's capabilities even further and to introduce web-based technology to the system.

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What does their VISION do?

By using their bespoke system - built on our VISION platform - they streamlined their New Product Development process to substantially reduce their workload and to automatically calculate the total cost of their products, per supplier.

The system lets them create brand new products for their clients, manage their suppliers and, with the click of a button, they can create detailed product specs and invoices for their clients.

When they create new products, they can pull together various components that goes into their plant products, including:

  • Plants
  • Product hardware: including pots and vases
  • Packaging: the cost of product boxes and care cards, as well as the cost of packaging for transport
  • Accessories: such as anything that's added to the product (e.g. bows)
  • Labour: the time and cost to fulfil manual tasks, (e.g. assembling boxes that are flat-packed)

By mix and matching various components within the system, they can develop new products and instantly see a full breakdown of the cost, including:

  • Price per unit
  • Tray charge
  • Agent fees
  • Delivery costs
  • Transport rates
  • Additional costs (such as waste)

The system then automatically produces a final cost per item, with a breakdown of all the information. From here, they can send invoices and quotes to the clients.

This one click process saves their staff considerable administration time as it does all the hard work for them, and has seriously streamlined their production and sales processes.

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