CIPS VISION Competency Assessment Application

CIPS is the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply - a global membership organisation serving the procurement and supply profession. CIPS approached PSP-IT with a view to implementing an effective way to manage the assessments and result analysis was key to our client in maintaining their effective and efficient processes.


The following requirements were requested by CIPS for the development of a bespoke VISION module for their Competency Assessment Question Bank:

  • User profile management to allow different permissions to be assigned to users
  • Ability to import results straight from the online question tool
  • Client and contact management
  • Register a contact onto an exam and send automatic emails
  • Multiple product types and question levels
  • Ability to add and configure automatically sent email templates
  • Import questions and correct answer values straight from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into the application
  • Question, questionnaire and answer administration


After receiving the client specification and during the review PSP identified VISION as the most suitable platform for this project. Its modular capabilities and flexible features would support the bespoke nature of this development. PSP approached the client requirements and overall application into four main modules.

1. Administration Module - Options for the client to give users access to the system and assign them different user roles (and to restrict their access as required.) Also offering the ability to setup and edit their email templates within this area.

2. Questionnaire Administration Module - This allows the client to add questions into the application with their correct answers. This task has options to be done manually or via an import from an Excel document. The individual questions can be assigned to specific themes, groups and products within a questionnaire.

3. Company and Contact Module (including registration process) - Within this area the client can add contacts into the application and where required can link them to companies. The user can then send an automatically generated email from one of the email templates to the relevant contact containing their questionnaire details.

4. Questionnaire Processing Module - Once the contacts have submitted to the relevant Questionnaire, an Excel database of all the contacts, the questions and their answer values is created. This document is imported into the Competency Assessment VISION module. During the import process the module automatically calculates whether the answers for the questions are correct. The user is then able to access the module and view the results from the survey either by questionnaire or by the individual contact.

Reporting is achieved through a link from Excel to the VISION database. This offers the client control over the output and allows them to complete detailed analysis on results by individual and by group and provides comparisons to average responses for benchmarking purposes.

With additional analysis tables built in for analysing patterns of responses, the process of understanding an individual’s current skill/ knowledge level and understanding their development needs has been made much simpler.

The combination of correct answers per theme is translated into a unique identifier and joined to a Response Table which, used by the external reporting tool, creates tailored feedback based on the profile of correctly answered questions.  

VISION CRM & MIS was designed and developed by PSP and is a modular Customer Relationship Management system. VISION CRM & MIS offers a range of standard modules where clients can select modules to match their requirements. Further modifications within a module can be made, plus PSP develop completely bespoke modules for VISION as demonstrated in this case study.

Visit our VISION site for more information.

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