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Every year in a prominent UK location, the Fresh Produce Consortium, our longstanding clients, run The FPC Fresh Awards, known as the “Oscars” of the fresh produce industry. It’s a large, national awards event, held in 2019 at the Tower of London, celebrating the very best of the UK Fresh Product Industry.

FPC needed a website that they would use to promote the event and help reduce workload for the Events Manager and her team, enabling entrants, judges and attendees to enter, pay, book and upload required documents to the website. This would dramatically increase efficiency and productivity, whilst promoting the event with a vibrant, interactive site with a great user experience and easy to use content management system.

The FPC Awards website featured detailed information about previous winners, judges, award categories, and information about the sponsors to who attended the year before, directions to the venue and FAQs.

As their web developers, we were always on hand to ensure that everything relating to the site ran smoothly, quick to react to sort out issues and assist with any user questions.


The Fresh Product Consortium wanted an interactive website with a great user experience that would allow visitors to make full table or individual seat bookings and payment online. A key requirement was for entrants to be able to upload their entries, along with any accompanying documentation, directly onto the website.

FPC also wanted the awards judges to be able to access the site directly to extract category entries and accompanying documentation for judging, to reduce the administration load for the Events Manager and her team.

Due to the high workload involved in the organisation and management of a large national awards event, the website content management system needed to match the skills and abilities of the users. The site needed to be easy to update and maintain.
Finally, the site needed to communicate directly to the CRM and Umbraco sites of FPC, ensuring that any information added or changed on the Awards site would be amended on the internal CRM and Umbraco systems.


Using a straightforward interactive table plan, users can visit the website to select and pay for their table/chairs of choice. The website is fully responsive to all devices and people are able to book on their main desktop computer or using mobile phones or tablets.

Awards entrants are able to enter via the website and upload documents and images in support of their entry, taking a lot of administration pressure off the events team. The entries can then be accessed and downloaded by the judges when judging commences.

The completed website links to our client’s Vision CRM system as well as their other Umbraco sites, keeping all systems up to date with contact activity.

The Umbraco content management system has been configured to match the experience and skill of the Events Manager and her team. Any intricate features they would not use were removed, leaving a very straightforward, easy to use system, very easy to update and add content.


  • Timesaving and increased efficiency for the Events Manager and her team
  • Great user experience – users are able to book tables/seats on mobile and desktop
  • The judging team had a central portal from which to download everything they needed
  • The awards website inked to other FPC internal systems: their CMS and other websites
  • Vibrant, engaging website that helped promote the event
  • PSP-IT were on hand to sort any issues quickly and effectively
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