Greeen Plus Order Process Automation

Founded in 2011, Greeen+ is based in Lincolnshire and supplies Added Value plants, plant displays and pre-potted floral arrangements to Supermarkets and Direct Mail. G+'s key strengths include strong product sourcing, design and hardware development. G+ works with suppliers in Denmark, Holland and the Far East.


Greeen+ were looking to improve the way they handled orders from key customers and find a better way to forward plan based on daily demand. They had already reviewed their order processes and identified that problem was that data was manually entered into different spreadsheets. This not only took longer than necessary to gather data together but it was also open to keying errors and left little time for employees to analyse the information.

PSP-IT worked alongside the planners and operations management team at Greeen+ to properly understand their requirements and to design a solution that would fit around their customer data and working practices. The solution would need to include:

  • Automated import of unstructured customer data
  • Exception management
  • Capacity Plan
  • Gantt Chart for production lines

Greeen+ identified that the project needed to take place outside of the key pre-christmas ordering period. They wanted to be ready with a tried and tested automated system before the key supplier buying period so that they maximised the opportunities available with their key clients.


The solution to Greeen+'s automation requirements was a custom import which ‘read’ the unstructured data and extracted the fields and values and added them to a structured order table. A set of standard data tables were created for Greeen+'s Item and Customer data which was incorporated into the planning process. Planning calculations were added which mirrored the logic used by the planning team and once production rates and times were being calculated by the system a custom Gantt chart was created to give a visual representation of production lines and products.

In addition to this, picking and dispatch sheets were generated from the order data creating an end to end solution from order receipt to shipping all in a single automated process.

The solution was delivered on time and on budget; meaning it was live well in advance of the key buying period.


  • Processing Time reduced from 2 hours per day to 2 minutes
  • Keying Errors reduced to zero
  • Ability to model/ re-calculate plan 'on the fly' has provided increased production efficiencies
  • Single Solution compared to multiple spreadsheets
  • Fast project delivery meaning the system is live before the key buying period

Greeen+ were extremely pleased with PSP-IT's solution and are currently in talks for future development work.

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